Welcome to Never Buy Rosemary

Never Buy Rosemary is a guide to free and public urban foraging sites in Seattle, because free food is the best food and so much goes to waste. (Check out a comprehensive map of Seattle urban forestry and foraging at Falling Fruit, which includes public and private plants and trees and the listings from the old Never Buy Rosemary map.)

Why the title? I’ve lived here almost all my life, and found that there is no excuse for buying this commonly available herb. If you live in a residential area, just take a walk around your block and look for a rosemary bush. Your neighbor will not miss a sprig. If this bothers you, ask, and they probably won’t care either.

Plus, many public parks and landscaping strips are festooned with more rosemary than anyone knows what to do with, and no one will miss one or two sprigs on your account. Hell, no one will miss dozens of people picking sprigs every once in a while. A little rosemary goes a long way.

Other common foraging foods in Seattle include blackberries, tree fruits, dandelion greens, and fennel.

updated May 22, 2014